Will AMD Zen Processors Be Worth The Wait?

There is no denying that AMD have been a little dull in the desktop CPU arena in recent years. AMD has not released a new performance CPU architecture since Vishera FX series processors in 2012. To make matters worse, the 990FX chipset was released in 2011 and is lacking modern features which are on mainstream Intel chipsets such as PCIE 3.0 and the M.2 storage interface.

Technology moves fast and AMD has not been updating their chipset or performance processors, causing consumers to continually loose interest in AMD products. Those building shiny new systems are finding it increasingly difficult to justify a purchasing an AMD processor, but will this change soon?

AMD is preparing a brand new architecture called ‘Zen’ which seeks to replace their existing architecture and it’s about time. It will still be a while before we see Zen processors powering our systems, which are expected to launch in late 2016, though there is already a great deal of excitement circling on the Internet.

It’s unclear what clock speeds, power consumption or performance we can expect from high performance Zen processors however, we remain optimistic. While AMD’s Vishera processors certainly had their flaws such as poor single core performance and high power consumption, some models like the FX 8350 managed to offer exceptional multithreaded performance at a relatively low cost.

Many PC builders are excited for this architecture as it will put pressure onto Intel to slash prices on some models to compete with AMD. Zen does not need to outperform current Intel processors in order to make its way into PC builders systems. Instead, they need to offer great price to performance partnered with an up to date chipset which supports new technologies such as the M.2 storage interface.

AMD Zen processors are expected to release in late 2016.

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