What is Intel’s Hyperthreading?

When shopping for a new processor or computer it’s likely you have come across the term Hyperthreading. Hyperthreading is a unique feature for Intel processors which is only available on some models. It’s a clever piece of technology which allows the processor to offer more performance in multithreaded workloads. While Hyperthreading will have limited benefit in everyday applications such as your web browser, it can boost performance in multithreaded applications such as a video editing tool.
Hyperthreading allows a single core on the processor to effectively act as two separate cores. With hyperthreading, a single core can execute two threads of instructions. As a result of this, Hyperthreading is able to double its logical threads. For example, if you have an i7 4790K processor, which has 4 physical cores, Hyperthreading will allow it to have 8 logical threads, simulating a processor with 8 cores.
While Hyperthreading is a method to increase the performance of a processor it cannot match a physical core in performance. Instead, Hyperthreading can supplement performance if the application is able to use additional processing threads.

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