What is an external hard drive?

Hard drives are used to store data and are mostly found within a desktop or laptop. With consumers needing to store and transfer more and more data sometimes an USB flash storage device is just not enough. Wouldn’t it be great if we could take the large capacity of a hard drive and easily connect it to any system? We can! External hard drives are storage drives usually found within a PC, except they are installed into a portable case connecting to your computer using the USB interface.

The benefits of an external hard drive are clear. They offer much more capacity than an USB flash drive and they are faster, making them ideal for storing large amounts of data which needs to be accessed on different machines. They also allow you to backup plenty of data from your system. If you drop your laptop and its the hard drive which takes the beating, the data stored on your external drive will be safe.

What’s great about external hard drives is that it allows you to easily reuse an old drive which is no longer in a computer system. There are many affordable external hard drive enclosures which allow you to install your old drive within. External hard drives are ideal for those who wish to backup large amounts of data and those who frequently transfer data between different computer systems.

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