Should you choose a laptop or desktop?

When buying a new computer a common question is: should I get a laptop or a desktop? There is no simple answer since it’s different for everyone depending on your expectations and requirements. Before we start talking about the positives and negatives of both devices it’s important to know the difference between the two.

A laptop is a portable computer which can be moved around without the need to be permanently plugged in to the mains socket since it has a battery. This device is becoming more popular in homes as they can be used in any room. A desktop is a tower computer which requires to be constantly plugged into the mains power which means it cannot be moved around the house easily, unlike a laptop. This type of computer is often more powerful than a laptop and is more desirable by high performance users, such as gamers, because of it’s superior graphics and processing ability.

Deciding which one is right for you can be difficult. You may want the portability of a laptop while maintaining the high gaming performance of a desktop computer. When deciding which device is right for you it’s recommended to think of what’s most important to you.

Laptops have many advantages including:

Portability: Laptops take the portability crown. They have wireless technology such as WiFi built in and with a battery you can easily move around the house or even take it to work.

Ease of use: Laptops are generally easier to use and maintain because of there compact size. With a integrated keyboard and touchpad it’s easy to get to grips with even for non-technical users.

The complete package: All laptops come with everything you need out of the box. They have a nice screen, webcam, keyboard and touchpad built into the device so you do not need to shop around for anything else. Desktops often come without monitors which makes it more difficult to order as a compatible monitor needs to be ordered.

Desktops on the other hand have many advantages of there own:

Performance: Unlike a laptop, a desktop does not need to worry about heat and power consumption as much as a laptop. This means hardware components in a desktop are likely to perform better than a laptop in the same price range.

Upgradability: A desktop computer is easier to upgrade than a laptop. If you need to upgrade for more storage space for example it’s much more straight forward in a desktop rather than a compact laptop. In addition to hard drives it’s also easy to swap out graphics cards, RAM, processors and more in most desktop machines.

Repairablity: Desktops are generally easier and cheaper to repair than a laptop. If you plan on keeping your computer for a long time this may be worth considering.

Since every user has different expectations, requirements and usages, choosing a laptop or desktop becomes a personal choice. When choosing you should consider many different aspects to see which device can offer the best features for you. If you are looking for a compact computer which can be used anywhere around the home then a laptop may be ideal for you however, if you like the idea of a high performance computer which you could upgrade in the future then the desktop could be the way to go for you.


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