Our Ratings

When we publish reviews of products we use a rating system to allow readers to easily see our overall score of a product at a glance. We use a star rating system with a maximum score of five.

Rating 5 stars

5 Stars – Excellent

Products with a five star rating in our review are excellent which offers fantastic value with innovative features. The quality of the product outmatches that of competing products and is an must have.

Rating 4 stars4 Stars – Great

A product with a four star rating is great. It is great quality and has an range of features to help make it stand out from competing products. It offers a good blend of price, performance and features making them worth considering for buyers.

Rating 3 stars

3 Stars – Good

A product with three stars in our review are good. It offers acceptable quality as well with a range of features. This product may not be the best on the market though it is worth buying.

Rating 2 stars 2 Stars – Satisfactory

Products which scored two stars are satisfactory however, they are not of equal or better quality compared to the competition. We do not recommend products which have scored two stars.

Rating 1 star 1 Star – Unsatisfactory

Products which have been rated with one star are ones we recommend avoiding. Products which are rated one star by us are poor quality, especially when compared to the competition.