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Office PC Power Consumption Analysis

Not so long ago we did an analysis into the typical power consumption of a gaming computer and found that it doesn’t consume as much power as people think. These results intrested us, primarily because many gaming computers are equipped with high wattage power supplies even if they don’t need them. We decided to take a look at another computer, …

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Why Store Data In The Cloud?

More and more of our data can be stored in the cloud such as our photos and documents. Rather than data being stored locally on your hard drive or smartphone, they can be uploaded through the Internet so you can access them later from anywhere. Recently the news of hacked celebrity iCloud accounts has painted a negative picture of cloud …

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What is the AMD FX-8370E processor?

AMD has recently announced several new processors for the AM3+ platform which are set to refresh the existing FX processors. One of the most interesting models is the FX-8370E. The AMD FX-8370E is an eight core processor with a base clock of 3.3GHz and a turbo boost of 4.3GHz. Still being based on the Piledriver architecture, which was originally released in …

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