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What is an external hard drive?

Hard drives are used to store data and are mostly found within a desktop or laptop. With consumers needing to store and transfer more and more data sometimes an USB flash storage device is just not enough. Wouldn’t it be great if we could take the large capacity of a hard drive and easily connect it to any system? We …

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How to monitor CPU temperature

If you are experiencing issues with your computer or it’s generally running a little slow then it might be worth checking your processors temperature. If your processor reaches a certain temperature, it may throttle it’s performance to reduce heat to protect itself. This critical feature is very important as it prevents damage caused by overheating. But how do you check …

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Intel Core i7 4790K CPU Review

Intel Core i7 4790K Featured Image

The Intel Core i7 4790K is an unusual processor which stands out from the crowd, boasting higher clock speeds than what we have been used to with previous Intel processors. The 4790K has a base clock of 4.0GHz and a turbo of 4.4GHz, an 500MHz increase from the 4770K. Other Haswell refresh CPUs, such as the 4690K, only have a …

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