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AMD R9 300 Series GPU Coming Soon

AMD Radeon R 300 Series Coming Soon

AMD Radeon 300 series GPUs are based upon 20nm technology and are set to improve power consumption and increase performance. It’s no secret that the new AMD R 300 series graphics cards are expected to release sometime in the first half of 2015 however, its release could be closer than you think. As we move into 2015 the widely anticipated …

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How To Benchmark Your SSD

How To Benchmark Your SSD Featured Image

When you upgrade your system to a solid state drive you may want to test the performance of it to see the improvement over your hard drive. There are many tools which can benchmark your solid state drive to test its read and write speeds though one of these tools is CrystalDiskMark. CrystalDiskMark is a free tool which tests the …

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5 Must Have Firefox Extensions

Firefox Web Browser Logo

Firefox is a popular web browser which has been continually evolving and growing since its release. While out of the box Firefox offers great performance and functionality there are several extensions which can improve Firefox further. This article will show you our top five must have extensions for Firefox.   Adblock Plus We have all had them annoying advertisements pop …

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