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Northbridge and Southbridge

Both the Northbridge and Southbridge are important processors which handle communication between components. These processors are commonly found on the motherboard however, recent processors from Intel and AMD are likely to have the Northbridge integrated on the CPU (Central Processing Unit) rather than the motherboard to reduce the overall cost. This article will give a quick overview of the functions …

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How to open task manager on Windows 7

The task manager is a helpful tool included in the Windows operating system which can be used to help diagnose problems and view overall system health. Sometimes you may need to access this tool but thankfully you can access it in just a few seconds. There are several different methods of opening the task manager in Windows 7 however, this …

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Should you choose a laptop or desktop?

When buying a new computer a common question is: should I get a laptop or a desktop? There is no simple answer since it’s different for everyone depending on your expectations and requirements. Before we start talking about the positives and negatives of both devices it’s important to know the difference between the two. A laptop is a portable computer which …

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