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Intel Haswell-E – 8 cores and DDR4 support

Haswell-E is a new generation of processors from Intel which are due to impress enthusiasts and performance users. While the main focus of recent processors appear to be integrated graphics and power efficiency, the new Haswell-E processors are expected to increase performance further and appeal to enthusiasts. There are a few new models being released by Intel on the Haswell-E …

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SteelSeries Kana V2 Gaming Mouse review

Looking for the perfect mouse can be difficult. With so many to choose from it’s challenging to find one with the right features, comfort and price. Today we are reviewing the SteelSeries Kana V2 mouse in black. The Kana V2 is aimed primarily at gamers and comes equipped with a variety of features such as a high performance optical sensor …

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What is Frames Per Second (FPS)?

If you are a gamer, especially a PC gamer, you may have came across the term FPS (Frames Per Second). This term is becoming increasingly common within gaming though what exactly is FPS? In it’s simplest form, frames per second (also known as frame rate) is how many images (frames) can be produced on the screen every second. While the …

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