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Will Haswell-E make a splash?

Enthusiasts are preparing themselves for a big release from Intel. With Intel releasing its first consumer 8 core desktop processor it’s hard not to get excited by Haswell-E even if you are not planning to make a move to the new platform. The flagship 8 core is the Intel Core i7 5960X which is rumoured to have 20MB of cache …

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Advantages of a Solid State Drive

SSD (Solid State Drives) are increasing in popularity and are lowering in cost per gigabyte however, what makes them stand out from regular mechanical hard drives? Hard drives already offer a high capacity and reasonable performance at an affordable price, so why would someone want a solid state drive? Firstly, solid state drives offer much faster performance than a mechanical …

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How to increase battery life on your Android device

Smartphones are wonderful. Now a days it seems like they can do everything. They can check your emails, help you navigate the roads, play games, browse the Internet, become a alarm clock and so much more. Though, all of this requires beefy processing power, which can drain your battery. A common question asked by Android users, and others, is ‘How …

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