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MSI R9 280X OC Gaming GPU review

The MSI R9 280X OC Gaming aims to appeal to gamers who seek smooth gameplay at 1080p, but just how well does the MSI R9 280X perform? We decided to take a look and review the MSI R9 280X OC Gaming graphics card. Introduction MSI are no strangers to discrete graphics cards, offering a wide range of models at different …

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Pros and cons of overclocking

Overclocking is often seen as a great way to get extra performance out of your computer. While it can help increase your frames per second in games or complete tasks faster, it does also bring a few negatives such as additional heat. Today we will be looking at the pros and cons of overclocking. There are several advantages to overclocking …

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How to increase your FPS in games

Frames per second (FPS) is an key indicator of the performance of your computer in games. Having a high frames per second is essential for gaming as it contributes to making the game appear smooth. If you have low frames per second, the game will stutter and generally be unpleasant to play. This article will show you five easy ways …

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