How to monitor CPU temperature

If you are experiencing issues with your computer or it’s generally running a little slow then it might be worth checking your processors temperature. If your processor reaches a certain temperature, it may throttle it’s performance to reduce heat to protect itself. This critical feature is very important as it prevents damage caused by overheating. But how do you check your CPU’s temperature?

The easiest method is to download software onto your computer which reads the temperature. There are many different applications which can do this however, we recommend HWMonitor. HWMonitor allows you to read your computers current  temperature as well as keep track of the maximum temperature.

HWMonitor User Interface

The above image shows the user interface of HWMonitor. In the red box, we can see what our processors temperature is for each core. Every processor has slightly different heat tolerance however, your processor should always be kept as cool as possible. It’s generally advisable to keep the processor at around 60C although some models can tolerate higher temperatures. If you are unsure, you can browse for your processor model on the manufacturers website or contact them for more information.


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