Intel Pentium G3258 – An enthusiasts dream

In recent years the Intel Pentium line has not offered anything new or exciting. These processors have been living in the shadow of there bigger brothers, the I series however, one model aims to brake out of the shadow and go forward into it’s own journey… The Intel Pentium G3258.

On the surface the Pentium G3258 may seem like another ordinary Pentium. It offers dual core technology and 3MB L3 cache with a clock speed of 3.2GHz on the 22nm process. These specifications hardly has anyone jumping up and down in excitement or rushing out to replace their last generation processors. Like other Pentium models on the 1150 socket, the G3258 is missing a few features such as turbo boost and hyper threading. With average specifications comparable to previously released Haswell Pentium processors it doesn’t really stand out, apart from one feature. It’s unlocked! Yes, for the first time in years Intel has unlocked a Pentium model which allows you to overclock.

Overclocking is nothing new, it’s been happening on many different processors from both Intel and AMD for years though it’s something that has returned to the Pentium line. With Haswell processors only those within the ‘K’ series can be overclocked (such as the 4670K and 4770K). The G3258 offers a much cheaper route into overclocking which appeals to enthusiasts and budget gamers. We see this processor as being an worthy value gaming CPU for those on a strict budget. While games are becoming increasingly multithreaded, this Pentium is affordable and can be overclocked to help increase it’s performance.

Intel has decided release an unlocked Pentium to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the range.  Like other ‘K’ series processors you will need a good motherboard to overclock the processor, preferably on the Z97 chipset. Given that the CPU is only a dual core and has a low TDP of 53W, we would expect that many users can expect healthy overclocks with an average heatsink. If you are a budget PC builder who likes to dabble in overclocking to increase performance or an hardcore enthusiast who likes to push CPUs as much as possible, this processor is for you.


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