Intel Haswell-E – 8 cores and DDR4 support

Haswell-E is a new generation of processors from Intel which are due to impress enthusiasts and performance users. While the main focus of recent processors appear to be integrated graphics and power efficiency, the new Haswell-E processors are expected to increase performance further and appeal to enthusiasts.

There are a few new models being released by Intel on the Haswell-E architecture however, the one which steals the show is the Intel Core i7 5960X. This processor is the flagship from Intel on the X99 chipset and is their first 8 core desktop processor. If 8 cores was not enough, they also included hyperthreading giving a total of 16 threads. The model is rumored to have a base clock of 3.0GHz and 20MB of cache. Being Intel’s first 8 core desktop processor, many enthusiasts are excited to see the performance of this model. In addition to the 16 threads offered by the Intel Core i7 5960X, this processor and the X99 chipset supports DDR4. DDR4 is the newest generation of memory and should help push performance even further which creates plenty of excitement around this new platform.

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