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Intel i5 7600K vs AMD Ryzen 1600 For Gaming

Both the Intel i5 7600K and AMD Ryzen 1600 CPUs are popular choices for gaming PCs but which one is better and why? Is there a clear winner? In this article we will dive a little deeper into this question by analyzing benchmarks from reviewers to help shine further light on this debate. CPU Intel i5 7600K AMD Ryzen 1600 …

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Improving RAM Stability with Ryzen

Since AMD launched Ryzen back in March 2017 there has been issues regarding memory compatibility. Some users were having difficulty reaching high RAM frequencies, particularity 3000MHz+ whilst maintaining stability. Thankfully, there are many small tweaks you can take advantage of to help increase stability with high frequency RAM. We will briefly explain these functions which will hopefully assist you in …

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Asus B350-F Strix Review

Choosing a motherboard can be difficult. With so many options from many different manufacturers it can be easy to get lost in the seemingly endless list of model numbers. Just one of these motherboards is the Asus B350-F Strix, a compelling option with an affordable price tag to pair with your Ryzen processor. This motherboard boasts impressive specifications which place …

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