How to monitor your GPU usage

You have just got your shiny new graphics card and lovingly installed it into your computer and now enjoying your games at a buttery smooth framerate with all the games graphic settings cranked up. Have you ever wondered how to monitor statistics such as your frames per second, GPU usage or temperature? Thankfully there is a wide range of software available to do just that in just a few clicks.

MSI afterburner is one of many applications which can show you key information about your graphics card and its performance. Within this application you can see how cool your graphics card is, how hard it is working, what framerate you are getting and more. This application can be used on any brand of graphics card, not just MSI.

MSI Afterburner Interface

While MSI afterburner offers collects results overtime and places them into a real-time graph, a key feature is the ability to have an onscreen overlay of your stats while in game, providing you with convenient access to stats. This is especially helpful for information such as your GPU temperature or frames per second, which you can monitor without going back to your desktop.

MSI Afterburner On Screen Display

As this tool is 100% free and is compatible with any brand of GPU it is certainly worth downloading to monitor your computers performance in games. You can download MSI afterburner from their official website.

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