How to increase your FPS in games

Frames per second (FPS) is an key indicator of the performance of your computer in games. Having a high frames per second is essential for gaming as it contributes to making the game appear smooth. If you have low frames per second, the game will stutter and generally be unpleasant to play. This article will show you five easy ways for you to increase your FPS in modern games.

Decrease your graphical settings

While this is not the most desirable method to increase your frames per second it’s one of the easiest. If your game is just not smooth enough you can adjust some settings such as texture quality, antialiasing, view distance and more to increase your frames per second. While this method often increases your frames per second, resulting in a smoother gameplay experience,  it does sacrifice visual quality so a good balance of quality and performance is desirable.

Close background applications

If your computer is struggling to output high FPS in games, you may be able to gain a little extra performance by closing unwanted background applications. Such applications could include your web browser and multimedia media applications.

Update your graphics drivers

Your graphics adapter requires drivers so the software can use it correctly. Graphics manufactures commonly release updates to graphics drivers which can increase performance and graphic stability. Having the latest version can often improve performance in games, especially if they have been recently released. You can download the latest from your graphics manufacturers website.

Check your temperatures

Computer hardware is pretty durable now a days though temperatures can impact your performance. For example, if your CPU gets too hot it’s possible for it to reduce it’s clock speed to reduce the heat. You can monitor your temperature with many applications such as HWMonitor. If your CPU, or any other component, is hot while gaming you can try reducing temperatures by reinstalling your cooler, dusting out your PC and checking if all your fans are working correctly.

Upgrade your hardware

While obvious, upgrading your hardware is a sure way to increase your frames per second in games. The two most important components which impact FPS are your CPU and GPU. Upgrading these components can give your computer a little more grunt in modern games, resulting in increased FPS while maintaining high graphical settings.