How to increase battery life on your Android device

Smartphones are wonderful. Now a days it seems like they can do everything. They can check your emails, help you navigate the roads, play games, browse the Internet, become a alarm clock and so much more. Though, all of this requires beefy processing power, which can drain your battery. A common question asked by Android users, and others, is ‘How can I increase my battery life?’. This article will show three methods you can use to help increase your battery life on your Android device.

Kill unneeded apps

Some apps tend to run in the background when you are not using them. A few of these is generally not a problem however, if you have multiple apps running in the background it can not only suck up your battery but it can also reduce your smartphones performance. Android lets you kill unneeded apps in the task manager to help you keep on top of your battery usage.

Disable the hardware you don’t need

Smartphones appear to have many wireless signals these days such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and more. These signals can drain your battery even if you are not using them. For example, even if you are not connected to the Internet using WiFi, the WiFi component in your smartphone still searches for wireless networks. Disabling this component will stop it looking for new wireless networks and in turn increase your battery life.

Keep a eye on your network signal

If you have a weak network signal, the smartphone will work harder to find and maintain a signal. This will result in more power being used. If you are in a low coverage area or have no signal, enable airplane mode to disable the mobile network radio in your phone. This will increase your battery life as your smartphone wont be looking for mobile networks to connect to.