How much RAM does a gaming PC need?

RAM (Random Access Memory) is a hardware component which stores temporary data. RAM is much faster than a hard drive, which makes it the ideal place to store data which is needed frequently and quickly. Every user will have different memory requirements however, just how much RAM should a gaming computer have?

Games can be fairly stressful on your computer, with the latest games pushing hardware such as the graphics card to it’s limits. It’s reasonable to assume that a gaming computer should have as much RAM as possible, though you may need less than you might think. Games are generally aimed towards a large audience with a range of computer specifications which means developers need to be able to make their game run on low and high end systems. This is so they can make their game available to as many gamers as possible therefore increasing sales. This means the minimum RAM requirements of games is fairly modest, which most gaming computers can meet. Every game will be different, though most games still have a minimum requirement of 4GB or less.

If you are a PC gamer though, your likely not keen on running the game with the lowest settings. As you increase the graphical settings in the game, the demand for hardware resources increases, with the graphics card and processor taking the biggest hit. Memory requirements often increase to, though once again developers need to take into account the hardware most gamers are using.

We feel that the current sweet spot for gamers is 8GB of RAM. This amount will happily play all the of the current games with ease and even allow you to have many applications open in the background while you play. The requirements of games will increase in the future so it’s important to keep checking them however, games are unlikely to require a computer with more than 8GB of system RAM in the near future.

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