Hard drive

A hard drive or hard disk is a place where you store data permanently. This data could be your documents, pictures, music, files and more. Unlike RAM a hard drive does not loose data once the computer is powered down.

Hard drives have large capacities with varying sizes. A bigger hard drive will allow you to store more data but often cost more so it’s best to get the size you need with some extra space for the future. They are most commonly measured in gigabytes (GB) or terabytes (TB) with 1,000GB equaling 1TB.

Many different actions you do on your computer will require the hard drive which can be as simple as opening a file. Once you have done this action the hard drive will spin, seeking the data which you have requested. Some hard drives can do this faster than others depending on their read and write speeds. If you plan to install lots of different software its worth trying to find a hard drive with a fast read and write speed to have the most responsive computing experience.

The hard drive is located in different places depending on your computers model or type of computer however; it always connects to a motherboard by a cable or through a similar method.