5 Must Have Firefox Extensions

Firefox Web Browser Logo

Firefox is a popular web browser which has been continually evolving and growing since its release. While out of the box Firefox offers great performance and functionality there are several extensions which can improve Firefox further. This article will show you our top five must have extensions for Firefox.   Adblock Plus We have all had them annoying advertisements pop …

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How to monitor CPU temperature

If you are experiencing issues with your computer or it’s generally running a little slow then it might be worth checking your processors temperature. If your processor reaches a certain temperature, it may throttle it’s performance to reduce heat to protect itself. This critical feature is very important as it prevents damage caused by overheating. But how do you check …

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Why Store Data In The Cloud?

More and more of our data can be stored in the cloud such as our photos and documents. Rather than data being stored locally on your hard drive or smartphone, they can be uploaded through the Internet so you can access them later from anywhere. Recently the news of hacked celebrity iCloud accounts has painted a negative picture of cloud …

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