Best Graphics Cards: January 2016

There are many factors to consider when choosing a new graphics card and sometimes it can be confusing. In this article we have selected just some of the best graphics cards for a range of budgets. When selecting graphics cards we take into account their performance and cost, primarily at the 1080p resolution.

Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB – £94.98 View at Amazon

Asus GTX 750 Ti Graphics Card

The 750 Ti may have been superseded by the 950 Ti however it still offers fantastic value. It wont be able to max 0ut games like The Witcher 3 at 1080p but it does offer pretty decent performance. You may have to tweak games a little to strike a balance between quality and frames per second but at this price range the 750 Ti is hard to beat. It’s sips power from your system, requiring just one six pin PCIE connector. It’s low power consumption makes it ideal for compact builds.

MSI Nvidia GTX 960 Gaming 2GB – £160.98 View at Amazon

MSI GTX 960 Graphics Card

If you’re looking for a great value graphics card, look no further than the 960. Buyers often skip over lower models even though they are perfectly capable of good performance in 1080p. While it’s not quite an 980 Ti, the price to performance of the 960 is pretty appealing. We recommend this MSI model as it has a beefy cooler for a relatively fair price. As a bonus, it’s pretty power efficient for a gaming graphics card, requiring only one eight pin PCIE connector from your power supply.

Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 Strix 4GB – £272.65 View at Amazon

Asus GTX 970 Graphics Card

Another Asus Nvidia card has managed to make our list, the 970. This graphics card is one of the most popular models of Nvidia’s 900 series due to the great performance it offers at it’s price point. This 970 is a good buy if you want to enable most of the eye candy in recent games. The power consumption is not to bad either, requiring one six pin PCIE and one eight pin PCIE connector from your power supply.

Gigabyte AMD R9 390X G1 Gaming 8GB – £340.26 View at Amazon

Gigabyte 390X G1 Gaming Graphics Card

This AMD card is similar to performance to the Nvidia 970 however it offers a massive 8GB of GDDR5 memory. It wont make much difference if you are playing games at 1080p however as you increase your resolution the 8GB of memory may become more important. It also performs well at higher resolutions making it a good choice if you’re planning to move to a higher resolution but can’t quite afford a graphics card like the AMD Fury X or Nvidia 980 Ti.

EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti Superclocked ACX 2.0+ 6GB – £529.99 View at Amazon

EVGA 980 TI Superclocked Graphics Card

A 980 Ti may not represent value however, it’s hard to deny that it has exceptional performance. If you want a very powerful single GPU card then it’s hard to ignore this model. While the 980 Ti is undeniably powerful, we recommend considering other graphics cards such as the AMD 390x or Nvidia 970 first as they may offer better value for money for the majority of gamers.


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