AMD R9 300 Series GPU Coming Soon

AMD Radeon R 300 Series Coming SoonAMD Radeon 300 series GPUs are based upon 20nm technology and are set to improve power consumption and increase performance. It’s no secret that the new AMD R 300 series graphics cards are expected to release sometime in the first half of 2015 however, its release could be closer than you think.

As we move into 2015 the widely anticipated 300 series GPUs could potentially be released at any time, though we believe that the series will first make their appearance at retailers before March 2015. Samsung are set to release AMD project Freesync monitors in March, which makes it likely that new AMD GPUs will hit the market before the monitors so gamers can gear up to experience project Freesync.

It makes sense to release the 300 series before Freesync starts to become available as not all GPUs in the 200 series, such as the 280X model, are able to take advantage of the technology. By releasing a new series before project Freesync monitors are available, AMD can ensure worry free compatibility for consumers who are buying 300 series GPUs.

The R9 390X/390 GPUs from AMD, codenamed “Pirate Islands”, are the most anticipated by enthusiasts because of the die shrink from 28nm to 20nm, HBM 3D stacked memory and reduced power consumption.

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