Advantages of a Solid State Drive

SSD (Solid State Drives) are increasing in popularity and are lowering in cost per gigabyte however, what makes them stand out from regular mechanical hard drives? Hard drives already offer a high capacity and reasonable performance at an affordable price, so why would someone want a solid state drive?

Firstly, solid state drives offer much faster performance than a mechanical hard drive. With lower seek times and faster read and writes it makes it wonderful to have the operating system installed on it. Operating systems benefit most from the performance of solid state drives, as a computer can boot in just a few seconds.

In addition to performance, solid state drives offer a compact size and lower power consumption. A SSD can pack fast performance in just a physical size of 2.5″ which make them compatible with both laptops and desktops. They also use less power which is ideal for laptops as it can increase the battery life. Less power also means less heat is generated.

While solid state drives have a lower power consumption and faster performance than a hard drive, they also are more durable. This is because they have no moving parts unlike a hard drive. Overtime, hard drives may reduce in lifespan as the moving parts get worn out.

Finally, a SSD does not make any noise which makes it ideal to use in office and home theater computers. A hard drive often makes noticeable sounds when searching for data or copying files which can become annoying to some users in an quiet environment.

If you are buying or building a new computer, SSD technology is certainly worth looking out for. With increased performance, lower power consumption and no noise, they are a perfect storage device to install your operating system onto.

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