5 Must Have Firefox Extensions

Firefox Web Browser LogoFirefox is a popular web browser which has been continually evolving and growing since its release. While out of the box Firefox offers great performance and functionality there are several extensions which can improve Firefox further. This article will show you our top five must have extensions for Firefox.


Adblock Plus

We have all had them annoying advertisements pop up on our screen demanding attention or them bright flashy banners screaming across the webpage. We all hate disruptive, intrusive advertisements and so did the creator of Adblock Plus. Adblock Plus is a small extension for the Firefox web browser which blocks intrusive advertisements so you can browse in peace. It’s an essential extension for any user to avoid annoying advertisements.


With so many different accounts on different websites it can be difficult to keep track of them. KeeFox aims to help you with this problem by securely managing your passwords. This extension is essential for those who have many accounts scattered across websites who sometimes forget their usernames and passwords.

NoScript Security Suite

NoScript was created to offer additional security for Firefox users. NoScript automatically blocks scripts from running, protecting you from potentially harmful scripts. If you trust a website, NoScript allows you to make an exception for the website to run scripts so you can browse without any restrictions.


Flagfox is an extension which displays where the web server is located in the address bar. It’s a great extension to have as it allows you to see where your favorite websites are hosted. Clicking the flag on the address bar brings up more information such as the websites ISP. Flagfox uses little system resources making it a must have for any user.

Web of Trust (WOT)

Web of Trust (WOT) is an extension for Firefox which lets you safely browse the web. Its traffic light rating system allows you to easily see what websites are trustworthy based on community reviews. With this extension, you can safely avoid websites which could harm your computer.